2nd April 2011

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28th March 2011


The fitness trade-off was too high to sustain sex.
— Kerry Woods

28th March 2011


Let’s be Ents together.

23rd March 2011

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The soil is always better near the barn.
— Allen Brown (via peretzele)

16th February 2011


If I were a drug dealer I would only deal 1/4 pound bags cause I’m a pro at eye balling 1/4 pound bags of greens!

13th February 2011


Idk if I would call it a relgious expreience.

But I definitely had a something last night. a moment of heightened awareness perhaps. I was sitting by the fire, my stomach stuffed full of the most delicious animal I have ever had the pleasure of eating, listing to rasta dudes sing about legalizin de herb tru out de nation, watching the fire glow and light everything around us and I noticed everything becoming crisper and clearer and more defined. I was completely present in that moment and everything was just as it should be. I used to think Rastafarian’s obsession with weed was more just cause the really like it and were really into it, which is totally cool, don’t get me wrong. But there’s definitely more too it.

12th February 2011



Me and the three other fire keeps have been on fire duty since sundown at 6:30 last night (it’s now 9:30). I slept about an hour and a half in the hay pile next to the garden. I’m a little delirious but totally worth it. 8 hours from now when we dig out Cardinal (our 185 lb pig) is gonna be so damn delicious. Time to go pass out in my tent though. Enjoy your day everybody.

10th February 2011



Like 10 feet… but still. I get to chisel and till a field this weekend though. I know I’m excited!

8th February 2011


You are an ever-evolving work of conceptual living art.
— The bamboo husk above the mirror

4th February 2011